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We vanquish uncertainty!

With our scientifically based tools, career counselling and one-on-one discussions,  students focus their educational pursuits on a career for which they are well suited, and one that will provide sustainable wages.


Open Fields' clients learn how to achieve two-year graduation rates at technical schools and four-year graduation rates elsewhere.


Students who complete Open Fields proprietary education and career coaching, and who implement our on-campus recommendations,  will stand out as exceptional graduate hires.


Our programs save thousands of dollars! Students are regularly advised to take their first semester learning about the campus and "trying different classes". A $10,000 journey at most schools and one that extends time enrolled in school.


Our process guarantees that at enrollment time the student will have a personalized career plan, a roadmap,  that provides direction when registering for classes.


All of the above is designed to help ensure the student arrives at the destination:

Their Promising Future. 


Get certain