Just like you use Google maps to navigate, so too, you need a plan, personalized to your skills and interests, to guide you to your future.

Think of Open Fields Resources as a personal Google map to your promising future!



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"I think individual attention these days is critical. Our students need more guidance on how to match their personal interests with good career choices. We were 100% pleased with Open Fields Resources. "

Kathy K.  /   South Dakota Mom



#1 - After enrolling we provide you with a log-in to the world-renowned Holland Code (RAISC) career aptitude test: This  assessment    measures your interests in 6 different areas of work,  like building, thinking, helping.

It helps establish top career matches suitable to your abilities and interests. 

#2  -  We introduce you to your unique personality characteristics and discuss why that matters for your future.  

We use the nationally recognized Myers-Briggs Typefinder Personality test which reveals the 23 facets of  personality. You will get to know you! Your   individual traits, strengths, and preferences.

#3  - Your assessments are shared with a professional career counselor  who spends 60 minutes talking with you. We love information,  and clarity, and will provide highlight career videos, and data-driven industry profiles for your top four career options, so you can become clear about  best choices. We'll give you  weeks to  consider the material.

#4 - You've read the matrial and reviewed your counseling notes. Here we set up real time industry engagement: informational interviews, job shadowing and networking. We promise you will begin to recognize where you 'belong' professionally and grasp the route and necessary steps that will take you there. 

Only about half of the students enrolled on college campuses, "find their futures". The US overall undergrad completion rate is about 56%.
("Pathways to Prosperity", Harvard, 2011)


Colorado Student

"I had an amazing time working with Kathy Larson. She helped further my future in education and worked the training connections so I am headed in the right direction."